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At Bromont Farm we offer riding instruction from training level through to 3rd/4th levels of dressage. Lessons are private and approximately 45 minutes long. We have several excellent school horses for those without their own horse.  Below is a little history about our instructor.

Janet and Satinka  1999 Dutch filly out of Erona, by Gregor

Janet began riding at the age of 13 in Ottawa.  After riding for about nine months, Janet was the proud owner of a Canadian Hunter mare .  Winnie, as she was called, had been shown on the line as a youngster and had won just about everything.  However, to ride, she was green and a little hot.  Learning to be a quiet, steady rider was the key to getting along with Winnie.  Janet and Winnie competed in hunter and eventing, eventually retiring Winnie as a broodmare.

Mugsy was Janet's second horse.  He had started his life as a race horse, and then a jumper.  Somewhere along his career, he had broken his nose, which left his mouth crooked and his teeth showing out the side of his mouth, hence his name.  In 1982 we moved from Ottawa to our farm in Acton with our growing herd of 7 horses.

While still a junior, Janet competed Mugsy at the lower levels of eventing and dressage.  Mugsy was an excellent horse and won many events.  He was eventually sold as a young rider's event horse.

Miller was Janet's next horse, a thoroughbred who was initially a hunter and was later trained in basic level dressage.  Janet trained and showed Miller to Medium II dressage in 1989.

In 1988, We purchased our first Dutch Warmblood filly, Erona, in Holland.  She was a wonderful introduction to warmblood horses and we have been competing and breeding warmbloods ever since!

In 1996, Janet and Margaret traveled to Holland, and purchased a 17 year old Grand Prix schoolmaster who was originally trained and shown by Johann Hinnemann.  He was superbly trained and Janet showed Geraldo Prix St. George in 1999.  Before retiring at age 22, Geraldo was able to teach Janet all the Grand Prix movements and several of her students had the privilege of learning to ride tempi changes, piaffe and passage.

In 2010, Janet showed Caprice at the Prix St. Georges level and is now working on some Grand Prix movements.  She is currently available as a teaching horse.

Janet Showing Geraldo, age 19, at Prix St. George in 1998